Life Sciences Sales Training Certificate


Next session: Feb. 11-13, 2020 in Montreal
The development path for new trainers
in an unregulated profession

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The vast majority of sales trainers start on the job without formal competency guidance and eventually develop a false sense of self-sufficiency.

Life Sciences Sales Training Certificate is a competency development program for new and future pharma training professionals.

  • The certification was originally created by members of the industry to address the specific needs of pharmaceutical professionals new to the training function. All examples come from pharma and involves participants from the Canadian pharmaceutical community.
  • The program is aligned with the Institute for Performance and Learning (I4PL) (formerly CSTD) official latest competency model (2016) which has been adopted by many Canadian organizations.
  • Participants receive a rich workbook, multiple useful electronic  templates (on USB key), 2 classic textbooks and a copy of the I4PL competency model.

Many participants who have attended this program say they wished they had done this course sooner in their sales training career as it significantly impacted the way they approach training and their ability to produce quality training programs.


By the end of the certification process, participants will be able to:

  • Assess the need for, design, develop, facilitate and evaluate training programmes which generate optimum learning and ultimately improved employee performance


At the end of the program, participants are required to submit an application project of their own (that they will be working on already) that demonstrates their ability to apply specific competencies that were covered during the program. This will credibly ensure a greater return on their time and money investment.


The dates are always selected based on the interested parties’ availability. Typically sessions include a minimum of 4 participants and no more than 8. (Please understand that we have to pay for administrative set up of the technology, reserve the Facilitators’ time and respect other students’ commitment.)


This course will count towards CCPE awards but is not eligible for CCPE medals.

Course Features

  • Suggested Hours of Study 9
  • Quizzes 0
  • Suggested Hours of Study 3 days
  • Course Format Instructor-led
  • RxTx No
  • Language English
  • Pages 180

Exam Details

  • Time Limit 1 yr. to submit a training initiative
  • Passing Grade Pass or Fail with detailed feedback


  • Price $2,850.00