On February 14, 1967 PMAC (now IMC) Directors instructed their Officers of the Education Committee of the Marketing Section to set up a committee to answer these questions:

“Do we or do we not want to have the medical representatives meet a standard?”

“Could they elevate their status by some method of certification?”

“Is it possible to measure against such a standard?”

The answer to all three questions was yes and a decision was taken to create an independent accreditation association and programme.

The blueprints of the plan creating our organization and Accreditation course came together during a meeting held in February 1969 with members of the following groups acting as advisors:

Association of Canadian Medical Colleges

Canadian Pharmacists Association

Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada

College of Family Physicians of Canada

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada (PMAC)

Canadian Medical Association

Food & Drug Directorate

On May 30, 1969, at the Dorval Hilton, the 1st Board of Directors’ meeting was attended by representatives of the following organizations:

PMAC Committee on Accreditation
(Schering & Ayerst)

(Octo & Pentagone)

PMAC Board of Directors

PMAC Marketing Committee
PMAC Medical Committee

On November 7, 1969 a congratulatory note from Dr. A.F.W. Peart, Secretary General of the Canadian Medical Association was read into the minutes regarding the newly created Council for the Accreditation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Representatives of Canada (APMR):

“I wish to congratulate PMAC for establishing this Accreditation Board, as I think it will do much for improving the knowledge and relationship between pharmaceutical representatives and the medical profession in Canada …”


Back in the 1950’s and 60’s, Sales Representatives, commonly called “Travelers” by doctors at the time, were often merchandisers selling to dispensing physicians. The famous Frosst 222® is the catalogue number of Charles Frosst’s ASA, codeine and caffeine tablet and the Frosst sales force, consisting of men driving their cars around Canada stocked millions of 222®’s out of their “car stock”. They didn’t need to discuss any science. But with antibiotics, antihypertensives and other medications coming to market “Travelers” needed to evolve into science-based Reps. The modern Pharmaceutical Sales Professional working in #smartindustry was born and CCPE was created to facilitate the evolution.