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Credit Card Information

Credit card payments will be processed by CCPE with the information entered on the secured registration form. It is important to FILL OUT all the required fields related to your payment method. The VISA / MASTERCARD payment process is NOT AUTOMATED. Credit card payments will be processed by CCPE within 48 hours during working days ONLY.

Taxes and Shipping Information

A shipping fee of $30.00 ($35.00 for Accreditation), handling fee of $6.00 and applicable taxes will be added to the prices mentioned below. Your order will be shipped through ground transportation using courier services and delivered within 4 working days.

Shipments Unclaimed

Additional shipping fees are applicable if the unclaimed material is returned to CCPE. Please make sure that you pick-up your material at the Purolator depot within 5 days if it cannot be delivered to your door.

Re-registration Policy

Participants who have not completed an exam within their required timeline without a written notice will be deemed ABSENT and will no longer have access to the exam. The following cases are exempt: Pregnancy, promotion or career change. An extension will be granted. There may be a replacement cost for the revised course material, if this is the case.

Return Policy

The course fees may be refunded if the participants satisfy the following conditions:

  • A written request is submitted within one (1) month of the registration date;
  • All material must be returned to CCPE unmarked and in mint condition.
  • The participant must not have accessed the final exam on the MyCCPE portal.

There is a $100 processing fee for all refunds. Please allow 30 days for processing.

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