PDF Copy of CCPE Courses

Purchasers of CCPE courses & programs can download a free PDF copy (of most CCPE courses) for viewing on any computer, tablet or device with appropriate software.

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Files are in the PDF format. Please allow a few seconds for the file to open. If there is a problem, contact the webmaster.

Study Tool – CPS Full Access

CCPE is very happy to announce that all students registered in Accreditation or Therapeutic Area type courses will have access to the phenomenal CPS Full Access tool which is published by the Canadian Pharmacist Association (CPhA). You know them best for their CPS reference book. Given that CCPE’s courses are designed to give a broad overview of topics and are not designed to be updated with every change to medical treatment, we expect that the CPS Full Access tool will provide up-to-date information to complement the learning experience.

You can access the tool by opening a session on MYCCPE.

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