CCPE Supports A Very #SmartIndustry

The Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (CCPE) is an unbiased not-for-profit that provides affordable educational programs to enhance the competencies of heathcare industry contributors.

For nearly 50 years, we’ve provided education and accreditation to pharmaceutical industry professionals as well as continuing professional development for the healthcare industry.

We do this by partnering with world-class experts to assess the need for, design, develop, administer, and market, educational programs, resulting in a positive impact on patients.

The Importance of Independance

As a respected, independent, financially self-sustaining professional development partner, our sole aim is to provide pharmaceutical industry employees and healthcare industry stakeholders with excellent education.

Being industry-funded allows us to reinvest our revenue into program development — to elevate the image of our #SmartIndustry.

CCPE Accreditation

The CCPE Accreditation program helps the professional community within the pharmaceutical industry maintain the highest educational standards and enhances the image of the CCPE-accredited representative within the healthcare industry. A higher level of knowledge increases the value offering to healthcare professionals leading to better patient outcomes. CCPE-accredited professionals position themselves ahead of others within, or in their attempt to join, the #SmartIndustry.

Who CCPE Serves

CCPE serves the pharmaceutical industry and a broad range of healthcare stakeholders through our educational programs and services. Our customers currently include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, government decision-makers, and even medical students and faculty; students from outside of pharma become aware of the high-quality education that #SmartIndustry employees undertake, which leads to increased respect and credibility.

The Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (CCPE) is the ‘Gold Standard’ in content and people accreditation in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry.

Awarded Pharmaceutical Professionals Accreditations
Total course registrations administered, to date
95% of Canadian pharmaceutical professionals have obtained their CCPE Accreditation
~75% of accredited professionals have gone on to do CCPE Continuing Education in a specialized area
20% of course participants work in Head Office positions

Our Vision

We are the ‘Gold Standard’ in content and people accreditation in the healthcare industry and serve a broad range of healthcare stakeholders through our educational programs and services. CCPE is an independent, financially self-sustaining, not-for-profit, that reinvests revenues into program development.

Our Mission

We’re working to elevate the public’s perception of the heathcare industry through excellence in education, that results in positive patient outcomes.

We assess the need for, design, develop, administer, and market educational programs that enhance the competencies of healthcare industry contributors.

We are recognized as unbiased subject matter experts and partner with world leaders in content and technology to deliver state-of-the-art programs.

Our Values

At CCPE we believe that:

  • Successful completion of high-quality continued professional development elevates the value of healthcare industry professionals, leading to improved patient outcomes
  • Healthcare industry employees are our most valued customers and deserve innovative educational products and services
  • Partnering with the healthcare community helps us understand and meet the needs of our stakeholders
  • High-quality products and excellent customer service are the hallmarks of success

Where paper meets technology

By using a blended learning approach, we pull from the best of both worlds. Our courses use a mix of paper-based materials, which are best suited for studying complicated information, alongside PDFs, which are ideal for PED retrieval and the state-of-the-art RxTx tool pharmacists and physicians use daily.

Plus, online exams mean 24/7 exam-taking flexibility

Many of our offerings don’t exist anywhere else because they’ve been created at the request of industry employees, using membership fees to develop them.

Some CCPE offerings you won’t find anywhere else:

Basic Pharmacoeconomics

Advanced Pharmacoeconomics


Pharmaceutical Market Access in Canada

Electronic Medical Records

Biosimilars in Canada


Launch: Life Science Products in Canada

(a primer for launching in Canada)

The ACCME-award-winning

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Communicating the Value of Innovative Medicines and Vaccines

(a half-day program providing information about the Pharmaceutical Industry)

Health Care in Canada

(a primer for employees coming into the industry)

Therapeutic Area Courses

Gold Standard, up-to-date Therapeutic Area Courses, recognized as the “future of the industry” in Canada to deal with epidemic concerns, include:

  • Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes (authored by a team from The Banting and Best Institute, U of T)
  • Oncology
  • Respirology (covering asthma, COPD. and other respiratory issues becoming more prevalent in society)
  • Cardiology (A 4-module course which can be taken individually or as a set)
  • Immunology

The Medical Technology Industry

Because the best professionals always know their stuff, we offer the Health Science for the Medical Technology Industry course.

Foundations at a Reduced Price

We offer our Foundational Courses (not presently resourced for review based on overall market priorities) at a reduced price to provide foundational learning. Even these older courses, paired with the CPhA’s fantastic RxTx tool, can be used to build a solid foundation in those areas.

Use CCPE Content in Training Material

All CCPE content is available to CCPE Member organizations as a whole, or in part, for licensing into employer training material.