To allow pop-up windows to properly display exam-related content and resources (once logged into MyCCPE portal):

In Microsoft Edge

Click the 3 horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the browser window > Go to Settings > Cookies and site permissions (on the left-hand side) > (scroll down to:) Insecure content > Allow (click Add) – Type into box the following: ccpecfpclms.peoplefluent-ca.com > Add

In Google Chrome

Click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the browser window > Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings > (scroll down to:) > Additional content settings > Insecure content > Allowed to show insecure content (click Add) – Type into box the following: ccpecfpclms.peoplefluent-ca.com > Add


MyCCPE is the council’s gateway to training and assessments for students. This innovative educational service will provide you with the complete training experience you’ve come to expect from CCPE.

To open a session on our portal, please follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1:

At the top of the web pages of www.ccpe-cfpc.org, under MyCCPE click on Login. You will be taken to our secured portal. Enter your PIN (your CCPE Personal Identification Number) and Password and click ENTER.

Step 2:

You need your 6 digit CCPE PIN Number in order to login to the portal. If you do not know your PIN number (which you can find on the bookmark sent with your course material) please call CCPE’s toll free number: 1-888-333-8362 or contact us.

Step 3:

Once logged in, the links in the navigation bar along the left hand side of the page will bring you to the different sections of the MyCCPE portal.

To view a list of available courses, click the My Courses and Exams link. For each course, you can click the course name to launch the course in a new window or click the more info icon to view course details.

Courses are typically composed of an exam details page, CCPE’s Honour Pledge and a final exam. The Library feature provides documents to support your learning experience. These documents include various web complements for courses, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and glossaries. Use the Categories folder utility to filter documents by category. As each category contains numerous documents, search and filtering utilities are provided to further refine the resulting list.

Finally, click the name of the resource to access it. To finish your training/exam session, click the Logoff button located in the top right hand corner of the page.