Business Acumen


Online Training based on #1 Wall Street Journal and a New York Times Bestseller, Seeing the Big Picture.

Chances are, you work for a company or organization that needs to operate on sound business principles. And while you are fluent in the language of your particular function, something extremely vital, it is progressively more vital that you become fluent in the language of business… and that language tends to also sound a bit like the language of finance.

That’s where this online course comes in, building your business acumen. The dictionary defines acumen as “keen insight,” or, “mental acuteness.” In this course, you will gain keen insights into how business really works.

Our goal is not to turn you into an accountant. Rather, our goal is to give you a better understanding of business, and then help you apply those concepts to your function to affect your organization within the Pharmaceutical Industry. Doing this will help you make better decisions and have greater impact as you confront the many global and economic pressures put on Pharmaceutical companies.

Simplify the complexities of businesses large and small and gain a deep understanding of your company to help build the credibility and career you want. Make your work more fulfilling and purpose-driven by realizing how you influence the success of your team, department, and organization. Get started today!


  1. Describe what measures are important to executives.
  2. List and discuss the 5 Business Drivers all successful companies must focus on.
  3. Discuss a company’s financial statements.
  4. Communicate your company strategy and performance.
  5. Create an action plan detailing how you will positively impact company results.



This course will count towards CCPE awards but is not eligible for CCPE medals. There is no exam for this course. However, you will be required to complete the CCPE Assignments, as outlined within the course.

Course Features

  • Suggested Hours of Study 3
  • Quizzes 0
  • Suggested Hours of Study 5 hrs.
  • Course Completion 6 months
  • Course Format E-Learning
  • CPS Full Access No
  • Language English
  • C.E. Credits What is this? 0.5

Exam Details

  • Time Limit N/A
  • Passing Grade N/A


  • Price $800.00
  • Corporate Member $400.00
  • Corporate Non-Member $2,000.00