Emotional Intelligence in Difficult Situations: Serenity, Courage, Wisdom

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This course provides clarity around the importance of EQ, it’s key components, with specific focus on inter/intrapersonal skills. What I valued the most were the T.I.P.’s on how to handle difficult people/behaviours through conversational EQ skills. The course handouts are excellent resources and I often refer back to them as reminders. Overall, this was a very engaging discussion on a highly relevant topic!

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As a stand-alone or as a complement to Emotional Intelligence: The three most important EQ skills needed in business today. This new and highly regarded virtual presentation uncovers the often-hidden motivations of why we act the way we do. It provides practical, easy to implement, strategies to turn negatives into positives and strengthen interpersonal relationships. We’ll explore the typical difficult interactions between people and discuss approaches that lead to improved outcomes.

To be at our best when we most need to be, requires having the confidence and competence to recognize potential problems and circumventing them before they escalate. Dealing with difficult situations and those people involved in them requires that we be at our best under pressure. To engage people with tact, diplomacy, skill, and compassion are the hallmarks of learned communication competence.

In business situations, our responses to colleagues and customers must be based on professional integrity and assertive communication while still maintaining a supportive communication climate. We need to explore the underpinnings of unreasonable requests and behaviours in order to understand them and move ahead with supportive professionalism.

Both personal and professional negotiations can sometimes leave us feeling frustrated when we feel that the other party is being unreasonable. Our responses in these situations will have an impact on the present negotiations, relationships, engagement with the file, future business, and so on.

In recognizing that conflict will happen, our goal therefore is to be at our best when it’s most required of us.

This virtual presentation borrows from the time-tested principles of a simple message:

‘Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.’
Reinhold Niebuhr

Join us for this illuminating presentation that is sure to give you the insights and techniques to manage your challenging situations.

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After attending the webinar students will be able to;

  • Describe how to control their own emotions to be in control of interactions
  • Discuss some interpersonal strategies used to deal with difficult situations and the people involved.


Professor Paul Byrne. Read the bio.


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