The Power of Purpose Academy


Our industry is in a “crisis of trust” according to Edelman’s Trust Barometer. If we are to continue to fulfill our mission to save and improve lives, we have got to turn this around.

People are influenced by those they TRUST, ADMIRE and believe CARE FOR THEM.

So how are we doing in pharma?

This program shows you how to become trusted, influential partners with HCPs. Participants become Top Performers, feel more pride and are more engaged and engaging. They create better outcomes – for themselves, HCPs, their company and most importantly… patients!


After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify and share the evidence that patient centricity and profitability are inseparable.
  • Describe (and stop making) the biggest mistake commonly made that prevents us from being trusted partners in healthcare.
  • Identify the key defining quality of pharma people who are more influential and companies that outperform the stock market by 400%.
  • Articulate and communicate your purpose in a way that will drive your patient-focused actions and increase employee and customer engagement, build trust and open doors to change physician behavior.
  • Identify what you need to start, stop and continue to do to BE patient focused and profit focused at the same time.


We know you don’t have a lot of time to invest in learning, so we’ve broken down the program into bite-sized, engaging chunks. There are 12 short video lessons and supplemental resources that will take 2.5 – 3 hours total. You can do them when and where you want on your electronic device.

In each lesson, you will:

  • Watch a short video (~4 min long)
  • Then do a deep dive that you can read / watch or do (~10 min long).
    • read: articles, ebooks, white papers, book summaries
    • watch: video, interviews
    • do: templates to use, worksheets to complete
  • Finally, you will enjoy a live webinar in which you will share questions and ideas with the program creator, Jill Donahue, and other students. All of these are designed to help you achieve The Power of Purpose. There is nothing more effective to help you be more engaged and engaging.


The academy will be held for a minimum of 5 registrants. If we cancel because of a lack of registrations, your fee is fully refundable. If after completing the 1st 2 lessons you don’t think this is for you, send us an e-mail within 24 hours at to receive your full money back minus a $100 (+ taxes) administration fee. There will be no exceptions.

There is no exam for this course.

Course Features

  • Suggested Hours of Study 7
  • Quizzes 0
  • Suggested Hours of Study 3 hrs
  • Course Completion 3 hrs
  • Course Format Webinar
  • RxTx No
  • Language English
  • C.E. Credits What is this? 0.3

Exam Details

  • Time Limit N/A
  • Passing Grade N/A


  • Price $499.00