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To help provide a catalyst for open dialogue with stakeholders and a basis for professional conduct, CCPE is developing a Code of Conduct for CCPE Accredited Representatives. A draft of the Code has been welcomed by a number of physicians to provoke discussion and behavioural change on both sides of the equation. CCPE is looking to finalize a Code of Conduct using broader input. Please invest 10 minutes to potentially increase the value you can provide to your customers. Click here to access the survey.

Emotional Intelligence
Professional Presence: The Essentials of Confidence, Credibility and Composure

We all perform better at any and all tasks when we feel confident in our abilities. No matter the endeavor, from doing a task to having a conversation, our performance is improved when we feel comfortable and confident.

This multi-part 2 webinar course explores the underpinnings of keeping your composure and self-confidence high in the midst of hardship; how to identify and overcome your self-imposed barriers and limits.

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McGill University Oncology

CCPE is very happy to announce the launch of the McGill University Oncology course. This course is administered entirely online. Course content and exams are all delivered thru MyCCPE portal. To register and for more information, follow this link.

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The Accreditation Process for Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals is the process of documenting your basic knowledge, comprehension and ability to apply the information in practice.

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