The Council
The Board of Directors is composed of volunteer directors elected from member companies' employees. One director is delegated by the council of Rx&D. Eight regional delegates are elected by accredited representatives. Elections take place in the fall of every even number year.

A full-time General Manager, with staff and offices located in Montreal, operates CCPE.

Statement of Purpose
Created by Rx&D in 1969, CCPE is a non-profit accreditation body that develops and administers affordable Accreditation and Continuing Education programs with the goal of establishing and maintaining high professional standards for the Canadian pharmaceutical representative community.

Mission Statement
The CCPE mission is to provide educational programs to establish professional standards within the Canadian pharmaceutical community, to better meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders in the healthcare community.

Vision Statement
The CCPE vision is to become the accepted and recognized standard of accreditation of educational programs in the Canadian pharmaceutical community.

  1. CCPE believes that field representatives are its most valued customers, and deserve innovative educational products and services.

  2. CCPE believes in partnership with the healthcare community to better understand and satisfy the needs of its stakeholders.

  3. CCPE believes that quality products and excellent customer service are the hallmarks of success.
The Board of Directors
Lorene J. Reist,
Astellas Pharma

d_andersonTom Edgar,
Hoffmann-La Roche

Sophie Brissette,
Novartis Pharma
Vicky Vilagos, Lundbeck

Pacific Region Delegate
Paul McCarthy,
Lundbeck Canada
Prairies Region Delegate
Rhonda Kramarchuk,
Servier Canada

Ontario Delegates
Heather MacCuaig,
Purdue Pharma
Nicole Beaulieu,
Pfizer Healthcare
Donna Racco,
Purdue Pharma

Quebec Delegates
Amal Bouhia,
Novartis Pharma
Élyse Rousseau,
Eli Lilly

Atlantic Region Delegate

The CCPE Team

j_shea Jim Shea, General Manager
Jim Shea is CCPE’s General Manager. He directs and oversees all CCPE operations. Jim also manages the public relation activities of CCPE and is the liaison to member companies. Jim brings a new vision of the role of CCPE.

Johanne Brien, Customer Service Coordinator (Corporate Membership)
Johanne provides customer support to member company affiliated course participants. She is responsible for registration, invoicing and database integrity.

Alain Bouchat, Manager, Clients Systems
Alain is the key person behind CCPE’s database operations (exams administration, LMS and LCMS). He also contributes to customer service by providing technical support during web-based exams.

Christine Bullock, Customer Service Coordinator ( Associate Membership) Christine provides customer support to non-member CCPE course participants. She is also responsible for the CHE Course registration process, exams and assists with special corporate communication projects.

Yves Gendron, Manager, Logistics & Information Technology
Yves is the key person behind CCPE’s web-based initiatives (websites, LMS, LCMS, surveys, The HYPERLINK, and e-testing).

Lucie Rheault, Office Manager
Lucie oversees administration tasks and manages all activities related to Customer Service including medals and awards promotions.
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